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Business Coaching  
Business Building 101 

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Want to turn your Passion into a successful 
Coaching business? 

Have you ever dreamed of building a business around the thing you're great at? The thing you love and are truly passionate about, but don't know how?

Can You Relate?

Do you have a desire to help people but don't know exactly what you'd teach or coach? 


Have you struggled with how to put a coaching program together?

Do you know what you'd like to teach/mentor/coach, but don't know how to start the small business side of things?


Or maybe you've struggled with business operations, processes, sales, marketing, course creation, social media, or anything else effecting the success of your business. 


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Or maybe you've struggled with Imposter Syndrome? 

If you can relate to any or all of these common roadblocks to creating a successful coaching business, don't worry, you are NOT alone. 

So many women dream of starting a business that helps others while allowing them to create a flexible business that makes money, but they don't feel "ready." They keep thinking "someone else can (or is) doing it better already." Or "who will listen to me anyway?" Or "who am I to try an help someone else, when I don't have it all figured out yet?"

Sound familiar? 

If this sounds like you, I'm here to say...

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You can make your Dream Reality! 

I'm Sarah Centrella, master coach, 3x best-selling author, Founder of VIVIAMO and motivational speaker

I started coaching in 2010 as a side hobby, something I did just for the joy of it. I never imagined it would become my full-time career. When I left my corporate sales career in 2017 to start my coaching business, I just assumed it would be smooth sailing! By then I'd coached many professional athletes, hundreds of people around the world, I had a program and a best-selling book, what else was there?

Boy was I wrong! It took me nearly three years to get my business profitable and making money on a regular basis. It also took thousands of hours of hard work, creating and re-creating content, programs, courses, workshops, setting up operations tools... so much painful trial and error. 

I'm so glad I stuck with it though, because I now run two successful business, have three books, have trained dozens of coaches in my Centrella University, coached thousands of people globally, conducted international retreats, and best of all every day I get to do what I love. 

Now, I want to teach you how to GET PAID TO do the thing you love!



This program is tailored to YOU and your business, you may need all of these or just a few. Once we assess your goals I'll create a custom plan just for you. 


Coaching Program Creation

Here I'll work with you to create your coaching program (or offering) based on your knowledge, areas of expertise or interest. When finished you'll have your own coaching system/methodology and process for teaching it to one-on-one clients or in group coaching sessions.

Travel Apps

Sales, Marketing & Social

Here you'll learn how to package and sell your coaching services. How to find clients and market your services effectively as well as social media and your company branding.

Businesswoman on Phone

Business Operations

Whether you've started your business already, or have only thought about it, you'll learn how to set up your systems, processes, legal filings, contracts, online tools and all the other aspects of running a service based business. 

Web Design

Website Creation

I'm a big believer that anyone can create a beautiful website and save themselves thousands of dollars. Instead of hiring a website designer, I'll teach you how to create and operate your own website, that will have all your desired functionality. 

Laptop on a Desk

Online Course Creation

Here I'll teach you how to put an online course together based on the things you teach. From what tools to use, to how to create the curriculum, how to market and sell it to produce passive income and support your coaching programs.

Beauty Vlogger

Becoming the Expert

Part of any coaching/mentoring or service based business is that YOU become an expert in your area of interest. Here you'll learn about content creation, blogging, podcasting, authoring a book, speaking, TV and print opportunities and how to get started. 

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Ready to work with me?

If you'd like to learn how I can help you create the coaching business you've been dreaming of, schedule a FREE 15-min private Zoom consultation with me, and let's turn that dream into your reality! 

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