8-Steps to Living Your Dreams!

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60-90 minutes

Two-time best selling author Sarah Centrella shares her 8-steps for Changing Your Life and Living Your Dreams, based on her chart-topping book, Hustle Believe Receive.

Sarah shares her personal inspiring story of how she went from a single mom of three on welfare to a best-selling author and celebrity life coach living her dreams by using her proven #HBRmethod.

Your audience will learn how to: identify what they want in the five key areas of their life. This touches on career goals, relationships, mind & body, wealth, and personal happiness. Identifying their dreams in these areas will give clarity and direction to creating their dream life.


This talk also touches on the importance of a positive mindset, how to visualize your dreams coming to life and how to create a plan to achieve them.

This talk starts with the inspiration from my personal story, then brings your audience along for a powerful personal deep dive into how they can create their ultimate dream life. 

My style is real, honest and unfiltered. I bring a lot of humor to my talks and do interactive exercises engaging with the audience. 

My workbook journal is an awesome value add to the audience, giving them all the tools to go deeper on everything we talked about when they get home. 

Never miss a thing! 

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