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Vision Board Workshops

Bestselling author and vision board expert Sarah Centrella, teaches clients how to manifest their dreams, in her unique vision board workshops and ladies night parties. 

Vision board workshop with bestselling author Sarah Centrella. Learn how to manifest your dreams!

Vision Board Workshops and Parties

I offer a few workshop options and can also customize one that works best for you. In each, I teach the keys to making a #FutureBoard (aka vision board) that ACTUALLY WORKS!

Since creating my first board in 2009, while still in poverty, I've manifested FOUR boards and a six-figure income! They've enabled me to create an entirely new life for myself and my family, delivering experiences that money can't even buy! 

My #HBRMethod is the secret to successfully creating a "vision board" that will manifest your goals; dreams, and new life in record time. 

I've coached hundreds of people around the world since 2010, on how to successfully create the life of their dreams using this unique method, which is a customized approach to vision boarding. Now you and your crew can learn the secrets to manifesting the life you want! 

vision board workshop

Get Focused! 

A corporate motivation workshop.

In this workshop I'll lead your team through a goal defining exercise incorporating my #WriteIt step, as well as teaching your team how to create their own #FutureBoard. I'll share the tools I've used to coach clients on achieving their career goals, and help each member of your team create a plan to achieve success.  

My personal background and experience in corporate America, means I can communicate and relate to your team on their level. I began my corporate business development career in 2009 as an inside sales rep, and worked my way up the corporate later. In 2010 I became an executive, serving as Vice President of Cloud Technology for a software startup. For the next seven years I've held several senior roles as Director of business development and director of sales and marketing for technology and consulting companies. I am comfortable working with your C-Level executives or motivating your sales team, because I've personally lived it! 

Workshops are customized to your audience and can range from a 90-minute power session, to a two-day retreat. 

Bubbles and Dreams

Private Ladies Night

The perfect excuse to invite your girlfriends over for a private class taught by me! And in the comfort of your own home no less. 

I'll bring champagne, or some wine, some cheese and light eats, setting the tone for a fun evening (or brunch!) with friends. The best part of this experience is that it's limited to 15 participants, this way I can provide each of your guests the individual attention they need to create a customized board that WILL MANIFEST! 

Success is always faster and better when shared with people who support your vision, so find a group of driven and motivated ladies to share some bubbles and dreams! 

It's ideal if you have access to a color printer and internet for this session as we use Pinterest for our photos. 

Rate: $75 per-person (5-15 participants)

*includes: 2 glasses of champagne (or wine) each, small bites and a non-alcoholic beverage option. Also includes basic supplies. 


Want to see PROOF that my visions boards really work?

Check out my photos here for dozens of side-by-side examples.


We have a very special night planned for you ladies! 


You will walk away from this night with tools, ideas, and inspiration to get you closer to your goals, all while meeting some badass chicks you'd totally hang out with again. And oh yeah, you'll have a total BLAST doing it! 

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Please note that all services listed above are NOT REFUNDABLE. I have learned through personal experience that people are not committed when they know they can "just return it." And because I believe in committing myself to you; keeping our appointments and respecting your time and effort, I require the same in return. It's important for me to only work with clients who are 100% committed to achieve their goals. Therefore there are NO refunds given on any service, at any time.