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Kristen Christensen

Kristen Christensen is a certified #HBRMethod life coach. Read her story and see how she can help you change your life and live your dream. 

Kristen Christensen

Kristen Christensen

Certified HBR Coach

Hourly Rate: $115


Instagram: @kristengc

Kristen was trained by Sarah Centrella as part of the first ever #HBRUniversity. Kristen joined Sarah's second #HBRBootcamp in the spring of 2015 and immediately began making major changes in her life.  Her exuberant love of the #HBRMethod is a joy to witness, and her knowledge of how to help others apply it, is a true gift. 

This is her story...

"I grew up in a small town with big dreams.  At a young age I knew that my purpose was to help others in some way. I started volunteering and involving myself in every activity I could, to give back. I worked hard throughout school pushing myself to do my best and achieve my goals.  

During these years it may have appeared to others that my life was perfect, but I struggled  with low self-esteem and poor body image, which often left me feeling inadequate compared to my peers. At the time I did not know how to deal with these feelings, so I learned to live with them. I used them as fuel to keep me motivated and working towards my goals although there was always a voice in the back of my head telling me that I wasn't good enough, and that I didn't deserve my dreams. 

During my junior year of college at the University of Oregon my high school boyfriend and I became pregnant. I never imagined how much this event would change my life, and my mindset.  When I became a mom I stopped living for me because that is what I thought you were 'supposed to do.'  I put my son and soon to be husband first. My life revolved around them. 

Three years later I had another baby and at this time I was completely lost.  Being a mom was all I knew and I forgot how to dream or what it felt like to do something for myself. My husband was very resentful towards me, feeling that he had to grow up too fast. This resentment turned to anger and before I knew it I was in a very verbally abusive and damaging relationship.  

By the age of 27 I was alone with two little kids and was going through a divorce. I started bartending to pay the bills and enrolled back in school. I became a certified Montessori Teacher and started teaching. I met an amazing man, remarried and had another baby. Although life looked great to all who knew me I was starting to struggle again with feelings of self doubt. I didn't know how to find a happy medium between being a mom, a wife and me. I didn't know how to make time for myself or my dreams. My main issue was guilt. I felt guilty when I thought of myself and I began to believe that it was too late for me, that my time had passed. That I needed to realize I was a mother of three and my job was to do everything in my power to make sure their dreams came true.  

This is the time when Sarah Centrella and the #HBRMethod came into my life, and what a blessing that was! Hustle Believe Receive and the #HBRbootcamp changed my life.  I began dreaming for me again, I learned the tools to deal with my negative thoughts and gained the type of confidence that I had always admired in others. I learned how to balance being a mom, a wife and a person I could be proud of. 

Life began to change for the better and opportunities started coming my way. I began to get involved again in my community. And for the first time ever in my adult life I felt like I had found my place. During this time I fell in love with this the #HBRMethod and the better version of myself that I became through this experience.  

That is why I am so honored and excited to be one of the first #HBRCoaches!  I always knew I wanted to help and educate others and HBR has given me a wonderful platform in which to do so.  

I look forward to helping YOU change your life through my story, what I've learned. and this amazing 8 step method."