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Sarah Centrella is a bestselling author and creator of the #HBRMethod life coaching program. She is also a sought after life coach, motivational speaker and ghost writer. 



sarah centrella
I really wanted to write a “self-help” book that didn’t sound “self-helpy,” with the goal of having it touch and change as many lives as possible. I so believe that anyone can live the life they want, and I wanted to PROVE that. -Sarah Centrella
— Latino Sports
Hustle Believe Receive, what a cool book.
— Russell Simmons
Tons of positive talk about Sarah Centrella’s talk at Pinterest for KnitCon17. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us Sarah.
— Charlie Hale, Head of Policy for Pinterest
Centrella was adamant about bringing new change to her life. “If I have to start over, if I have to rebuild this life, then I want a totally different life,” Centrella said with a laugh. She put together an 8-step success plan and created what she calls the HBR method: “Hustle Believe Receive.”
— ABC News
Centrella shut down 1Oak in New York for the red carpet launch of Hustle Believe Receive.
— OK! Magazine
Centrella is the author of “Hustle, Believe, Receive,” a new book that she calls “an eight-step plan to changing your life and living your dream” told through 51 stories of those who overcame obstacles to reach success.
— The Orgonian
As a single mother of three just trying to get by, Sarah devised the Hustle Believe Receive Method, a revolutionary eight-step plan to living a happier, fuller life. A practical guide on how to achieve real change!
— Book Bub