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#HBRStories is a collection of real life success stories, from people around the world who's lives have changed through applying the #HBRMethod. These inspiring stories are written by life coaching clients of Sarah Centrella, and or those who've read the book Hustle Believe Receive.  

The #HBRMethod Works! #FutureBoard PROOF!

I made my future board on May 7th 2015. When I did this I followed #TheHustle assignment and filled my board with photos of experiences that I hoped to have in my life. I broke it down into the five categories. This way I could clearly see what I was wanting and would know what areas I needed to work on. I have to admit when I created this board as much as I wanted these things to happen, a part of me still didn't believe that they would. I was 33 at the time. A wife and mother of three from a small coastal town in Oregon. A person who hadn't had the opportunity to travel much, who didn't have the time to enjoy the friendships in her life and who honestly didn't have the extra money to go make it all happen. I put my #FutureBoard up in my room and looked at it daily, I told myself, "you deserve these experiences" and as time went on I started to believe my words. I daily applied the 8 steps of the #HBRMethod as I went through #HBRBootcamp.

Eight months later, on January 7th 2016 at 6 am. I was boarding a flight to NYC with one of my best friends for a long weekend filled with #ManifestThat moments and checking off #BucketList items! I have always wanted to go to New York and this trip was a dream come true and financially possible thanks to the #HBRMethod of #MoneyAintAthing! 

On my #FutureBoard I had a picture of Live with Kelly and Michael - I have watched this show since it was Regis and Kathy Lee. (Mind you, I  put this board up in April, months before there was even talk about a NYC trip). I had tried to get tickets for Friday Jan 8th for over a month and they were sold out. At 5:00 am that Thursday in the airport I decided to check one last time, and there they were 2 open tickets!! (#RelentlessPursuit)

I also had a picture on my board, of girls toasting drinks and laughing. I am proud to say I had many moments like this over the weekend. I met amazing women, reconnected with ones I had known, and ultimately learned the meaning of #ChangeYourCrew!

(Sarah's note: when Kristen first started #HBRBootcamp, on of the first things she told me is, "I really don't have much of a crew. I don't have a lot girlfriends in my life, I'm a mom!" So making the time to connect and build friendships was very important to her. In NYC I  watched, a once shy Kristen, bubble over with enthusiem, joy and pure love for the #HBRFamily she'd connected with the past few months. Nearly twenty women from across the country made the trip to NYC, and let's just say Kristen has an amazing group of girlfriends for life now!)

I never could figure out why I put a chandelier on my future board. I just love them and felt that if I was places with chandeliers I would be living experiences I could only dream of. Well, chandeliers seemed to be at every location I was during my trip. I had always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty so of course she made the board and as I took a selfie in front of her I got chills all over my body knowing I was having yet another #ManifestThat moment.

I am so thankful for Sarah Centrella and #HustleBelieveReceive. Because of the #HBRMethod I have learned how to dream again, and have been able to apply what I learned in the book to my life. I am starting to live the life I have always wanted and manifesting opportunities I never thought possible! I can't wait for what the future holds and to continue to add pictures to my real life board.

Kristen's "Reality Board" (side by side photo's of her #FutureBoard with the real life photo of that moment!

The #HBRMethod Works! Here's Proof!

Kristen Christensen is a certified #HBRCoach