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#HBRStories is a collection of real life success stories, from people around the world who's lives have changed through applying the #HBRMethod. These inspiring stories are written by life coaching clients of Sarah Centrella, and or those who've read the book Hustle Believe Receive.  

Erin DeSantis #HBRStory

This is Erin's inspiring story of how she's using the #HBRMethod to expand her business farther than she ever dreamed! Reaching goals that once seemed impossible!  She is a wife and mother from Oregon, who is truly manifesting her dreams! This is her story in her own words...

"I am the girl that always thinks her story isn’t ever enough. Like it has no depth, or that it isn’t as good as everyone else’s. But what type of person walks around telling herself that, and comparing her story to other peoples!? Not me any longer!

I grew up a child of a divorced family, but I thank GOD every day for that.  My mom is my hero, who got my brother and I out of what could have been a terrible home life.  My father was a drunk, drug addict, and abusive to women. I was a dreamer growing up, someone who always had things that I want to do, places I wanted to see, I dreamed WAY TOO MUCH! There are so many things I want to do in this world.  

Though dreaming came easy for me, I needed the other steps to turn all those dreams into reality. The#HBRMethod helped me realize that all those dreams can come true, just maybe in a different way than I thought.  It also taught me that some show up in the form of living out an experience, and some are who I make myself become.

I have a friend who was part of the 2nd #HBRbootcamp and she told me about it, saying how much she loved it.  This is where my life took a turn.  After her boot camp was complete, she asked if I would be a part of the next one, and said that I would love it.  But I was still very hesitant. The first thing I said when she asked me was; ‘my mom has to be a part of this!’  All I could think of was sharing this opportunity with my mom, hoping she’d be given the same chance I was being offered.  Then the week before her 3rd camp started, Sarah posted that she had two more open spots. I instantly messaged my mom and told her to message Sarah ASAP.  Looking back, I realized that was my first #ManifesteThat moment, my mom and I were both in! 

Today I am a massage therapist, mother of two boys, a step mother of two grown girls, and a corporate professional in the health industry.  I also own my own essential oils business, I have nearly 800 people on my team who I’m able to guide, and help them grow their business.  Since I started applying the #HBRMethod, my business has grown so much! I am only a few months away from reaching my biggest goal. When I started this business reaching Diamond status (one of the highest levels), seemed like something only other people could achieve, I never even imagined someone like me could do it. It seemed like an unattainable dream, so it's kind of overwhelming to believe that it's about to come true! (#ManifestThat!)

Another super cool #ManifestThat moment, is a trip to New York City! Going to NYC had always been a dream mother-daughter trip for myself and my mom. So when I heard that the book launch party for HBR was in New York I was so excited.  The ‘realistic’ part of me knew I probably couldn’t go, but there was a small voice in the back of my head that told me #MoneyAintAthing! (Or was it Sarah’s voice!? haha)  A few weeks later my husband went to Illinois on a hunting trip and texted me that he’d just gotten a mileage card, and that my trip to NYC would be paid for thanks to our new award ticket! I was sooooo excited!!! #manifestthat #SayIt #BelieveIt #WriteIt #MoneyAintaThing the #HBRMethod WORKS!!!!"


Written by: Erin DeSantis

Posted by: Sarah Centrella

Note: Hashtags in this story are steps to the #HRMethod as defined in the book Hustle Believe Receive 

Erin lives in Oregon, and since joining the HBR program has been featured on CBS The Talk! 

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