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TRUE #HBRStories

#HBRStories is a collection of real life success stories, from people around the world who's lives have changed through applying the #HBRMethod. These inspiring stories are written by life coaching clients of Sarah Centrella, and or those who've read the book Hustle Believe Receive.  

Cassandra McKissack's #HBRStory

I was introduced to Sarah by a friend of mine who is also in the book she wrote called, Hustle.Believe.Receive. As a radio host, I'm always looking for a great story. Reginald Foreman called me and suggested I interview her.

Sarah has a great personality and it was easy to connect with her since our stories are similar. Anyway, she came on the program and blew us all out the water with her story and how she has come out on top. Yea, Sarah!

Fast forward a year later, I happen to see Sarah advertising about her #HBRBootcamp. I'm always looking for an opportunity to tighten up my game plan and here we go. I loved the boot camp.

The 8-step #HBRMethod is incredible. The biggest take away for me is this, we are more alike than not. We all need a mentor or coach to guide us. Most people are glad to know they are not alone when they are striving to do more and be more. We can help each other be better and isn't that why we are here on earth, to make things better for our fellow man? At least that's what I believe. And Sarah's book does just that...leaves you better.

One of my big #ManifestThat moments was interviewing a guest who at one time was interviewed by Oprah. Imagine that! Life is amazing. And because I have greater self confidence I will soon have my own show, 'The Life' show will be on TV on Charter and The NOW Network in 2016. That is my #BigPictureDream and Sarah taught me about how to have #RelentlessPursuit so that I will #ManifestThat! 

-Written by Cassandra, she is the author of The Gift
Cassandra lives in Ohio

Posted by Sarah Centrella

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