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Proof the #HBRMethod Works -Career Example

I'm a simple chick and I learn things best through simple examples, so I thought maybe sharing this example of how the #HBRMethod continues to amaze me, might also help you understand it better. Some of you might not know this about me, but I've always held a corporate job (well aside from a few layoffs), while I've been building my coaching practice and writing my book. So this story is a #ManifestThat example from my "day job." 

So back in 2012 I was a corporate sales director with a company in Seattle, I was working with a prospective client on what would have been the biggest deal of my career. Back then it was projected to be a multi-million dollar deal, and for two solid years I worked my ass off to win this deal, but ultimately never closed it (#TheHustle).  I remember being frustrated, because I'd put in all this work with no real reward.  I eventually left that company, and spent almost two years in a completely different industry.

Then this past fall I joined my current company (same industry as the company in 2012), and the first client I called in my new job, was that same one from way back!  I assumed that the deal was probably long done by now, but figured I had nothing to lose by reconnecting with my former client (#RelentlessPursuit).  But as the  would have it, the client had put the deal on hold the the entire time I had been away from the industry (not because of me, but still, "lucky timing"!)  They were just about to award the deal to my competition when I came back in the picture.

But today after three months of jumping through hoops to get my new company a shot at this deal... I WON IT!

And you know what the client said?? "Sarah this is for the two years you worked for this deal without any reward." And now this deal is worth almost double the revenue of the original deal I'd worked on! 

Today my boss said to me; "OMG Sarah, this is the biggest deal we have ever won and it was the easiest deal we've ever closed." I said, "It was only easy because I worked my ass off for it for over tow years!"

So you see... ‪#‎ChillOut‬ and ‪#‎RelentlessPursuit‬ and ‪#‎TheHustle‬ pay off when you least expect it!! But had I never put that work in back in 2012-13 I would have never closed this deal now! And had I not taken a chance on the position with my current company, I never would have found a job that was so supportive of my dream, and still be able to close the biggest deal of my life!

This deal started in 2012 with one company, and finished in 2016 with another.  It's not magic. It's not overnight. It's the formula applied over and over again and it's NEVER GIVING UP. Most sales people I know wouldn't have called the client again. They would hold a grudge and say that it was a waste of time based on the experience I'd had before, but I know that when I make relationships with clients, they stick. I trusted my gut and put that over my ego. Dreams come true when you DON'T QUIT! When you are willing to bust your ass, (even when the timing pisses you off sometimes), but if you take the opportunities and hustle and believe.... when it happens it feels almost too easy! 

Sometimes what we want doesn't happen when we think it should, or the way we want it to (#ChillOut). That doesn't mean that the answer is "no." It just means the answer is "not right now." Because I waited the deal has doubled in size. Because I didn't give up on the client, and had built a strong relationship (#ChangeYourCrew) with him he knew I was the right person to win the deal. So don't quit, even when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's there. Believe it is and keep bustin' your ass to get there. This deal took four years, but when it actually went through it just took a few months and felt almost effortless. (#ManifestThat! #HBRLife)


Written by Sarah Centrella

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