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5 Easy Steps to Living Your Dream Life

#DreamIt 5 steps to living your dream

In 2009 my world fell apart in an instant, when my husband of eight years left our family to pursue his affair. Overnight I went from a stay at home mom, to a single mom of three babies with no way to provide for their daily needs. (read my story here)

There was a moment in those first dark days, when I had a realization which changed the trajectory of my life. I thought; since I have to rebuild my life from scratch anyway, why not find a way to CREATE the one I’d always dreamed of?

The question was… but how?

This is the formula I used to turn that thought into a life which far exceeded my wildest dreams! It’s how I went from food stamps and unemployment, to a corporate executive with a six figure salary. It’s how I manifested two vision boards (I call it a #FutureBoard) in under four years and have been able to live my ultimate dream. But the best part of all? It WILL work for you too!

1.     #DreamIT You must first have a clear dream or vision of what you want your “ideal” life to look like, before you can begin manifesting it. Make this dream specific! The more details that surround it the better.

Tip: Creating a Bucket List based on at least twenty-five experiences you’d like to manifest in your lifetime, is a great way to let your imagination begin to run free.

2.     #ThinkIT Our thoughts are the biggest indicator of how successful we will be at manifesting our dreams. Your thoughts predict your future, so make sure you’re putting a stop to any thoughts that are trying to sabotage your success.

Hint: A great way to stop negative thinking is to use a go to motto, such as: “I am successful and determined, nothing will prevent me from achieving my dreams.” Say this to yourself every time that negativity starts building doubt in your mind. Simply replace the negative with its positive opposite.

3.     #SayIt Watch your words! Everything you say enters the universe and is on a mission to find its way back to you, so don’t put anything out there that you don’t want to come true. Instead start saying what you do want, as if it’s already in process.

Hit: One of the easiest ways to do this is to stop complaining about what you don’t have or don’t like and instead get grateful for what you do have.

5 Easy Steps to Living Your Dream Life #VisionBoard

4.     #SeeIT Once you’ve identified your dream and the vision for your future it’s imperative that you surround yourself with the physical representation of that life. I call it a #FutureBoard because it has the power to predict your future and is displaying the images of your future life.

How to make your board: The key to making a board that will manifest quickly is to insure that the images you chose represent the LIFE you want to live, and NOT just material objects. It’s all about EXPERIENCES!

Your board should include these categories: career/passion, family/relationships, travel, mental/physical fitness, financial freedom. As you pick your photos be sure they match the mental movie your creating around each one. A great place to locate the perfect pic is on Pinterest. Then HANG IT WHERE YOU CAN SEE IT!

5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Dream Life #VisionBoardParty

5.     #DoIT Manifesting is not magic, it takes work. I call it The Hustle. Now it’s time for you to start preparing for your new life. You’ve got to be willing to put in the work, take risks and align yourself with your new future.

Tip: Make a hustle list. Brainstorm all the things you can begin doing TODAY that will help you get closer to your dream. Think outside the box, and remember they don’t have to all be huge things, they can be simple ones like; doing research, creating social media accounts for your new company, ordering business cards etc.

These are five of my eight steps to manifesting your dream life using my #HBRMethod, and I’ve been fortunate enough to watch them change lives. If you are serious about changing your life and living your dreams, just know this… YOU CAN!