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Looking for a life coach? The #HBRMethod coaching system teaches you  how to change your life and live your dream in 8 simple steps, with our intensive one-on-one coaching program.

Certified HBR Coaches


Meet our certified HBR Coaches! Each coach has a unique background and story, and each are living examples that the #HBRMethod works! Take time to see which coach would be the best fit for you.  Here's what's included in their personal coaching plan.

What's included

This 8 session coaching program is dedicated to helping you identify your purpose/vision/dream for your life and teaching you how to make it happen using the #HBRMethod.  *Interested in becoming an HBR life coach? Click here for more info.

  • Eight one-on-one coaching sessions (calls or Skype) with your personal HBR Coach to go over your wins, questions, struggles and homework. 
  • Targeted focus on helping you identify your dream, change negative thinking to get positive results, then creating a personalized action plan for making your dream life a reality.
  • Calls are scheduled at a time that is convenient to you.

  • Assigned weekly reading and weekly homework.

  • Creation of a #LifePlan and a #FutureBoard.

  • Email homework review.

  • Email or text accessibility between weekly calls.

  • Emergency support via phone as needed.

  • Cost varies by coach, click a coaches name to view their rates

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SARAH is the creator of the #HBRMethod coaching program.  She has been coaching clients from around the world on how to change their life and live their dream since 2010. She has coached professional athletes, including NBA and NFL players and coaches. Her method has been praised by CEO's, athletes, artists, musicians, and people from every walk of life, as the simple formula for achieving success.


Sarah lives in Portland Oregon, USA


deborah laurion

Deborah is a certified HBR Coach.  She was part of the second #HBRBootcamp that Sarah ever conducted in the spring of 2015. She actually learned the #HBRMethod as it was being written, with a group of nearly twenty others


Deborah lives in North Carolina, USA


Karen Ziervogel

Karen is a certified HR Coach, trained by Sarah Centrella in the first #HBRUniversity. She joined the second ever #HBRBootcamp, calling in all the way from South Africa! She's our first coach in her country and is inspiring people around the world with her story, hustle and relentless pursuit. 

Karen lives in South Africa


kristen christensen

Kristen is a certified HBR Coach trained by Sarah Centrella as part of the first ever #HBRUniversity. Kristen joined Sarah's second #HBRBootcamp in the spring of 2015 and immediately began making major changes in her life.  Her exuberant love of the#HBRMethod is a joy to witness, and her knowledge of how to help others apply it, is a true gift.  


Kristen lives in Oregon, USA



Tine Riedel HBR Coach

Tine is a certified #HBRCoach Tine is a certified #HBRCoach who lives in Denmark and coaches clients in Germany, the U.K and the U.S. She speaks several languages including English, Danish and German. 


Tine lives in Denmark


Keyra Elmo

Keyra Elmo HBR Coach

Keyra Elmo is a certified HBRCoach specializing in helping her clients reach their personal and fitness goals. She has not only completed her personal coaching with Sarah but was trained individually as a coach by Sarah as well. 

Her inspiring story and hands on approach will motivate you to reach your full potential and achieve even goals you dared to previously dream! 


Keyra lives in Idaho, USA

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