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Sarah Centrella is a bestselling author, renown life coach and motivational speaker, helping clients around the world manifest their dreams. 


About Sarah


Sarah Centrella is the best-selling author of Hustle Believe Receive An 8-Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream. She is also the life coach and creator of the #HBRMethod success program. Sarah has helped clients from around the world, change their life and live their dreams. She has worked with professional athletes, including NBA and NFL players, coaches and their families. Her method is praised by CEO's, athletes, artists, musicians, and people from every walk of life, as the simple formula for achieving success. 

Sarah shares her personal story of survival, determination and hustle to inspire your or your team to reach their goals and live the life they dream of. In 2008, she suddenly found herself starting over with nothing, after her husband abandoned her, and their three small children. Unemployed and penniless, she became determined to reinvent her life and create a magical childhood for her children despite seemingly unsurmountable odds.

Turning tragedy into triumph, Sarah became a successful corporate executive, serving as VP or Director of Business Development for over seven years, working in the high-tech industry. Sarah has become a master manifester, giving her children experiences that far exceeded her wildest dreams. Including taking them to Italy, New York City and watching NFL games from the sidelines. She proves that ANYONE can achieve anything, using her 8-step plan for success that she will teach you.

Sarah has appeared on the ABC News, Steve Harvey ShowCBS The Talk, in the New York TimesOK! Magazine, Elite Daily, The Orgonian and many others. Click here to see all press


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#LifeCoach Sarah Centrella


This 8 session life coaching program is dedicated to teaching the 8 Steps of the #HBRMethod in a way that is customized to your personal goals, needs and schedule. 


  • Eight, one-on-one coaching sessions (phone or Skype) with Sarah to go over your wins, questions, struggles and homework.  The first call allows Sarah to get to know you and your goals for coaching, followed by 7 sessions dedicated to the #HBRMethod.
  • Calls are scheduled at a time that is convenient to you.
  • Assigned weekly reading and weekly homework.
  • Creation of a #LifePlan and a #FutureBoard.
  • Email homework review.
  • Email or text accessibility between weekly calls.

8 session coaching package: $1,560.00 or $195 per-session


ghost writer services

Have an amazing story to tell, but you don't want to write it? Sarah is a traditionally published bestselling author, who's written several books (second, a memoir due 2017). She's an experienced writer who's work has appeared in Elite Daily, many blogs and won numerous short story writing awards.

Sarah will provide you with a personalized one-on-one consultation to determine if the project is a good fit and answer all your questions. She works with one author at a time, so space is limited. 

Sarah also offers writing services for book proposals, agent query letters, articles and blog posts.

Rates: $1 per-word or $155 per-hour


Motivational Speaker Sarah Centrella


Sarah's inspiring personal story resonates with audiences from all walks of life.  Her approachable personality and "girl next door" attitude makes her an audience favorite. 

She shares her tools and steps for success known as the #HBRMethod to inspire and motivate lasting change. She is the author of Hustle Believe Receive, and has interviewed over 50 successful individuals including professional athletes, CEO's, fashion designers and many others, learning the keys to becoming a self-made success.

Her stories, sense of humor, real and urban delivery style, mixed with her professional background, make a dynamic and relatable combination.

Sarah would love to come motivate your audience, share her story and give them tools to begin creating the life they desire. From corporate events, and conferences, to colleges, churches, and events in between, she is passionate about sharing a message of hope, mixed with tangible tools for success.  

How to become a published author, by bestselling #author Sarah Centrella

becoming an author 101

Here's your chance to learn from Sarah's personal experience what it takes to become a traditionally published author. This is a personal one on one session, where she will share her knowledge and provide advice on your writing project. 

  • Advice on if you should write the book yourself or get a ghost writer
  • Getting a good content and copy editor
  • How to search for the right agent for your genre
  • How to properly query an agent
  • The proposal process
  • What to expect when you land a publishing deal
  • Questions to ask your publisher
  • Why your "platform" is everything

 60 minute session: $225.00

Learn how to make a #VisionBoard that WORKS

vision board workshops

Sarah offers two main workshops, in both she teaches the keys to making a #FutureBoard (aka vision board) that ACTUALLY WORKS! Since creating her first board in 2009 while still in poverty, she has manifested FOUR boards! They have helped her create an entirely new life for herself and her family, delivering experiences that money can't even buy! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Learn how to build a successful social media platform

how to build a social media platform

In this session Sarah will personally share with you her keys to successfully creating a social media following and building a brand from nothing, as she has done. The following are some of the topics you will cover and any questions you may have. 

  • How to start a social media following 101
  • What sites to create profiles on and how to best maximize them to build your brand. Sites like Facebook (fan page), Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • How to market yourself and create a brand from your name
  • Tips on creating good content
  • How to use hashtags to build your audience
  • How to encourage engagement 
  • Creating a newsletter 
  • How to automate the process
  • And any questions or areas you'd like help on

60 minute session: $225

Learn how to create a successful #blog from top #blogger Sarah Centrella.

How to create a successful blog

Learn Sarah's tips to creating a successful international blog. Her personal blog is Thoughts.Stories.Life and has had over a million global views since it went public in 2010. This session is dedicated to helping you create the blog you dream of, efficiently from the start! Or help you take it to the next level if you have on already. These are just some of the topics we can discuss based on your specific needs. We can discuss any others that you might have and this can be done in one or more sessions according to your needs. Sarah is available for phone or Skype sessions and can even help you via desktop sharing if you get stuck on the technical side of things. 

  • Get help deciding which blogging platform to use, learn from Sarah's trial and error
  • How to create great content that will be picked up in Google searches
  • How to maximize your SEO tools
  • How to "market" your posts effectively to get them more views, shares, comments and likes
  • Why Facebook is a bloggers best friend
  • How to use ads and or Google Adsense
  • Why you need to build a social media platform to support your blog
  • Should you build the brand around your personal name or your blogs name? 
  • Building a mailing list and newsletter

60 minutes sessions $225 each