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Sarah Centrella is a bestselling author and creator of the #HBRMethod life coaching program. She is also a sought after life coach, motivational speaker and ghost writer. 




 Hustle Believe Receive 

This 74 page ebook workbook contains a fresh new look at the "Your Hustle" #HBRMethod homework.

With all new instructions, fresh examples and an easy to understand format that will make your journey to success that much faster. Sarah created this workbook to include best practices and new tips directly from her experience coaching clients. These techniques deliver the quickest, most targeted results.


For the first time ever, Sarah provides guided journal writing prompts after each homework assignment to help you document your story. This workbook becomes your personal blueprint for success with plenty of space to write your responses. Remember it's a life long journey that requires annual updates, so if you did the homework a year ago, you might want to use this to take your journey to the next level! 

E-BOOK or bound physical copy available.

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Centrella was adamant about bringing new change to her life. “If I have to start over, if I have to rebuild this life, then I want a totally different life,” Centrella said with a laugh. She put together an 8-step success plan and created what she calls the HBR method: “Hustle Believe Receive.”
Tons of positive talk about Sarah Centrella’s talk at Pinterest for KnitCon17. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us Sarah.
— Charlie Hale, Head of Policy for Pinterest


As a single mother of three just trying to get by, Sarah devised the Hustle Believe Receive Method, a revolutionary eight-step plan to living a happier, fuller life. A practical guide on how to achieve real change!
— Book Bub
Make sure you get a copy of Hustle Believe Receive! Read about my story!
— Jonathan Stewart -NFL Running back
Centrella is the author of “Hustle, Believe, Receive,” a new book that she calls “an eight-step plan to changing your life and living your dream” told through 51 stories of those who overcame obstacles to reach success.
— The Orgonian
Hustle Believe Receive, what a cool book.
— Russel Simmons
Go get your copy of Hustle Believe Receive and be inspired by the amazing people in this book!! GO! GO! GO!!! Don’t be the only one without it!
— Kenjon Barner -NFL Running back
Centrella shut down 1Oak in New York for the red carpet launch of Hustle Believe Receive.
— OK! Magazine

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First, let me tell you what you've gotten yourself into! You might as well know from the start that I'm no guru. I kinda hate "self-help" and "motivational seminars." I swear, a lot. I'm just an unfiltered REAL chick, and single mom, who learned how to turn a supper shitty life into one that's kinda kickass amazing! (read my personal story)

This is what I believe. If you dig what I'm sayin' then I'm probably the exact coach or speaker you've been looking for. If not, I figure it's best to know that up front. I believe in HUSTLE. Also known as working your ass off to get what you want. I believe in living the EXACT life you secretly dream of. I believe in being authentic to who you are, no matter what. And I KNOW anything is possible for anyone, yes that means YOU!

I LIVE what I teach, every single day, even on the bad days. I am open and honest about the struggles we face when we are trying to change our life and live our dreams. I KNOW my method works, not just because I'm a living test-case, but because I've watched it transform lives, over and over again, for the past seven years.

So if you're ready to make a major life change then you've come to the right place and I commend you for taking the first step in getting the life you want. I'm here to help you get results, not waste your time with BS, so look around and reach out if you have any questions or are ready to work with me!