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As a single mother of three just trying to get by, Sarah devised the Hustle Believe Receive Method, a revolutionary eight-step plan to living a happier, fuller life. A practical guide on how to achieve real change!
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Hustle Believe Receive, cool book!
— Russell Simmons

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Hustle Believe Receive is a game changer! It has taught me how to dream again and the #HBRMethod has given me the tools to deal with the ups and downs that come along with working hard to reach my goals. I am looking at life differently and it’s treating me differently. #HBRBootcamp has changed my life!
— Kristen Christensen

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"Author Sarah Centrella shut down 1 Oak in New York City for the release of her new book Hustle Believe Receive, an 8-Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream."

-OK! Magazine 

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Your answer to becoming successful is Hustle Believe Receive! It is the blueprint for how to live your dream and become victorious.
— Charles Clark
Hustle Believe Receive is AMAZING and it’s an easy read. Highly recommend it if you are striving to improve yourself...sure to inspire and motivate all walks of life regardless of your goals.
— John